What We Do

More than just a venture capital firm. We're a catalyst for change, a partner for innovation, and a supporter of entrepreneurship

1. Tech-Focused Ventures

Building the Future of Real Estate

We create independent tech-focused ventures that aim to redefine the living and working experience. By leveraging the latest technologies, we're pioneering solutions that cater to the evolving needs of millions across Europe and beyond.

2. Partnering with Ambitious Founders

Collaboration at its Best

Our success is built on the relationships we forge. We partner with ambitious founders, offering them the resources, expertise, and network they need to turn their ideas into successful ventures. Our collaboration is rooted in trust, mutual respect, and a shared vision for the future.

3. Solving Real Estate Challenges

Innovation Meets Expertise

The real estate industry is ripe for disruption. We're on a mission to understand the challenges faced by the industry and to enable innovators to integrate their products in a scalable way. From sustainable building solutions to smart home technologies, we're at the forefront of change.

4. Connecting Founders to Our Network

A Community of Experts

Our extensive network of industry experts is one of our most valuable assets. We connect our founders to this community, ensuring they have access to the insights, mentorship, and partnerships necessary to scale their ventures effectively.

5. Providing Support to Scale

Growth, Amplified

Scaling a venture requires more than just capital. It demands strategy, mentorship, and a deep understanding of the market. We provide our ventures with the necessary support, from financial backing to strategic guidance, ensuring they're well-equipped to grow and thrive.

6. Bridging Startups and Established Players

Synergy in Action

We act as a bridge between startups and established players in the real estate industry. By fostering collaboration, we ensure that innovative solutions find their rightful place in the market, benefiting both new entrants and industry stalwarts.

At Ampolon Ventures, we're not just investing in companies; we're investing in visions, in dreams, and in the future of real estate. If you share our passion for innovation and are looking to make a mark in the industry, we'd love to hear from you. Join us in building the next big thing in real estate.

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