Venture Founders

We are in the People Business. The relationship with our founders is key for us.

Julia Backhaus

Succeeding with a start-up idea is all about the people. Especially, in the beginning your resources are very limited. Ampolon Ventures always accompanies us and acts as an extended and forward-thinking team.

Ecaria, CEO

Kenn Pfefferkorn

If you want to build a start-up successfully, you are looking for support, a network and partners from day one. You need much more than just an investor’s money: you want to share insights and experiences.

Ecaria, CPO

Suprith Reddy

The ability to execute an idea with the right team, capital, and vision is great, but there is a lot more that is required to grow a company successfully. Our partnership with Ampolon Ventures gives us a huge leverage to obtain great market insights.

Ophigo, CTO

 Jucel Gustafson

Building an early-stage startup requires focus and execution power. A talented team that believes in the company’s vision and access to resources for achieving product-market-fit are key.

Foxxbee, CEO

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