We build ideas
into ventures
We believe that there is more to real-estate than just brick and mortar. The working and living experience of millions will significantly change in the next decade.

Ampolon Ventures creates ventures and partners with ambitious founders to build new products and services as independent companies to improve the working and living experiences for millions in Europe and beyond.

We connect founders to our unique network of industry experts, spend significant time on each of our ventures and help scale new business models and invest in start-ups.

We are co-founders who care about every detail. Being founders ourselves, we know what it means to build a venture from the ground.

We help entrepreneurs in capturing and pursuing new opportunities. We provide strategic support to enable growth and scaling of their ventures

Operational support
We co-create independent ventures together with a founding team and support them in their administrative and legal set-up as well as business and talent development

We have a strong network of stakeholders in the industry: hands-on advisors, industry players and customers

Industry knowledge
We have a unique unfair advantage in access to accumulative industry knowledge

We fund entrepreneurs to build new ventures

Our strength is in diversity. Having one goal in mind, we all come from different academic, professional and cultural backgrounds.
Kateryna von Bonin
Kateryna von BoninProject Manager
Andreas Buchwald
Andreas BuchwaldBusiness Development Manager
Saiana Shoinzhurova
Saiana ShoinzhurovaTalent Acquisition Manager
Arash Houshmand
Arash HoushmandManaging Director
Seong-Min Kang
Seong-Min KangTech Director
Sabrina Kuhajewska
Sabrina KuhajewskaVenture Development Manager
Companies we support
we support
We are always looking for impact-hungry individuals seeking to take over opportunities in our industry. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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